Rescue centres are central to Freeads due to their charitable nature. We recognise the role they play in championing the highest standards of care in the UK pet industry and so we give them special promotion on the site without charging them a penny.

Freeads supports RECOVERY Assistance Dogs 

RECOVERY is a charity for wellbeing that spreads the word about how people can recover from Mental Health needs with the healing of memories through Creative Therapies. 

RECOVERY Assistance Dogs for Mental Health are trained in three levels to assist Survivors to recover from their symptoms and find wellbeing.  RAD campaigns against compulsion and for freedom of choice.

RECOVERY Donate: you can help fund RECOVERY Assistance Dogs as a Local Co-Op Cause 2019-2020 at:

RECOVERY Sponsorship: If you would like to Sponsor a RECOVERY Assistance Dog then please click here for more info. RAD sends sponsors a letter from their dog, photos, the RAD Heads Up Magazine and a Certificate quarterly.

Freeads supports EHPPS Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society

EHPPS was founded in 1983 and has been on its 55 acre site at Pitsea Hall Lane since 1986.

EHPPS attained registered charity status in 1987.  The Charity was established for the promotion of animal welfare and, in particular, to take all appropriate measures to protect equines from cruelty and to prevent the infliction of suffering and, where necessary, to take equines into care for rehabilitation.

EHPPS needs your help to continue the amazing work they do to care for and rehabilitate horses and ponies.

EHPPS Donate: if you can help please donate here

To qualify as a rescue centre, or join our supported charities you will need to provide one of the following:

PetWise SuppoTo qualify as a rescue centre, or join our supported charities you will need to provide one of the following

  • a valid not for profit registration number
  • charity registration number

Depending on the activities provided by your organisation, you may also be required to provide an Animal Welfare License (may be cited as the

Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018).

If you are a registered pets charity and would like to apply for free account upgrades and advertising with Freeads, please contact our customer support team.

EHPPS Essex Horse and Pony Protection Society

Freeads supports Staffie & Stray Rescue 

We are a family of Staffie lovers who find foster and forever homes for unwanted dogs.

We campaign to reduce negative perceptions towards the Staffordshire bull terrier and to promote responsible dog ownership. The charity runs solely on donations from generous supporters.

The aim of the rescue is to find foster homes and permanent homes for dogs in need of a new home. Staffie and Stray take on dogs whose owners are no longer able to look after them due to unforeseen circumstances. The rescue is seeing increasing cases of abuse, neglect and homelessness.

Charity Registration No: 1163631