Freeads is free and it always will be!

Like our name says, you will not be charged to use freeads unless you choose one of our upgrade options. You can continue to enjoy using freeads completely free of charge - there's no need to cancel your account to avoid paying any money.

Still want to close your account?

If you wish to permanently close your account, please contact us either from the link below (ideally from the same email address) or contact us from our support section, so we can initiate the account closing process. Your account will then be permanently closed and your personal data deleted. Please read our privacy policy for more details.

Please note that once your account is deleted, all your ads, photos, messages, telephone numbers and saved ads will be removed from our system, and will not be able to be retrieved.

If in the future you decide to come back to us buy or sell on, you will still be able to do so.

Contact us to close your account