Considerations of rehoming a fish

Research, don't flounder!

Research, read and learn about the different species of fish you want to acquire. How big they grow, what their diet is and what other types of fish they can be housed with. Some fish don’t get on and may fight others may eat smaller fish, so please ensure you learn all you can prior to your purchase.

Tanks for everything!

Different types of fish will require different sizes of tanks, pumps, gravel and water, with some requiring freshwater and some tropical setups, make sure you can afford and have space for everything that is required. Don’t be afraid to ask an experienced fish keeper (aquarist) for advice or check your local library and pet shops for any relevant literature.

Delivery & travel:

Always collect your fish from the point of purchase, ensuring they travel comfortably and at a safe temperature. Please also be aware of the temperatures when transferring your fish to its new tank.

Never allow a seller to post or courier your fish to you.

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