Fish rehoming guide

Ready, set?:

Before you do anything, make sure any prospective new fish keeper understands the needs and costs of your fish before they take them. When arriving to collect the fish, ensure the water temperature in the transportation facilities is the same as the tank they are from and going into.

Happy, healthy fish!:

Before offering to rehome your fish, ensure they are happy and healthy as well as being free from any infections or diseases and be honest about any health issues in the past. It's a good idea to tell any prospective owners of the costs should things go wrong, a specialist vet for fish could prove expensive.

Transport, don’t post!:

Never offer to send your fish in the post or via a courier, always ensure the prospective new owner comes to collect it, this could ensure the fish has a stress free journey to its new home.

Don’t feel pressured:

Remember, you can say no! Don’t let your fish goto prospective new owners until you are satisfied that they can look after it properly.

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