• Is the kitten 8 weeks of age, or older?
  • Have you viewed the kitten with its mother, in its own home?
  • Is the cat/kitten in good health, with clear eyes and looking alert?
  • Has the cat/kitten been treated for worms, parasites and been vaccinated?
  • Is the cat/kitten you are viewing, the one from the original advert?
  • If the cat is 4 months or older, has it been neutered or spayed?
  • Is the cat/kitten comfortable and free from pain when you hold it?
  • If you have other pets, have you considered how this may impact them?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, please consider using a different breeder or cat/kitten owner. If you are concerned about the animals welfare, you can report the matter to Freeads or directly to the RSPCA.