Birds rehoming guide

Impart your knowledge:

As a current bird owner, you will know that birds are wild animals at heart and that they need constant daily handling and interaction in order to stay tame, please ensure the prospective new owner knows this also and that they have the ability, facilities, funds and lifestyle to suit bird ownership.

Commitment is key!:

Some birds have an extraordinary lifespan that might see them outlive their new owners, make sure any prospective owner knows this and is prepared for a lifetime commitment to the bird.

Collector or novice bird owner?:

Whether the prospective new owner is a collector or someone just beginning with bird ownership, make sure if they have other birds that they need to be kept apart and separate for at least a month.

You are not obligated:

You do not have to say yes to the first enquirer or viewer, make sure your birds happiness and safety are key, only let the bird go when you are satisfied that the new owner can accommodate all of its needs.

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