Small furries rehoming guide

Match the furry to the owner:

Does the prospective new owner have experience of and understand the breed of the small furry they are adopting? Make sure you ask them if they have the space, funds and knowledge to provide a good and healthy lifestyle for the furry before saying yes.  Ask them if they are aware of these things and the animals diet etc, it may appear daunting but ensuring your furry goes to the right home should be of paramount importance.

Remember, you speak for your furry:

Inform any prospective owner of the animals medical history, needs and health issues/requirements, this will ensure that the furry can have all this in place at its new home and can reduce stress and worry for both the new owners and the animal.

Always listen to the persons questions about your furry, if they don't seem that interested in its health and wellbeing, they probably aren't the right person to be adopting it.

Documentation for your furry:

Please tell the prospective owners of anything you think may be important and hand over any paperwork that is relevant to your furry, including medical records and any licenses required. You should also inform the prospective owners if your furry has been neutered or spayed, as this may help reduce any unwanted furry baby booms.

No obligation viewings:

Just because a person views you furry, does not mean you have to give it to them, if you are not happy with the person in question, just say no.  It shows that your furries wellbeing is the most important concern you have.

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